Dental Hygiene - We provide top notch dental care for a low price; you deserve to have a shining smile. We provide a full hour of cleaning for a very competitive price! Keep your smile bright and healthy!  
Crowns - Our Crowns are made with the Ivoclar Vivadent ZirCAD system - the highest quality zirconia crowns that look natural, but also stand up to chewing and working with your natural teeth. We provide our crowns at an extremely competitive price point at $750* per tooth.
Emergency Exams - Pain that won't go away? We will help you deal with the true ache of tooth pain, that doesn't just transfer it to your wallet, and provide a treatment plan for any work that may need to be done.
Bridges - We provide you with quality Zirconia bridges that will make you proud of your smile. We work with your insurance and your budget to bring your smile back to life. A bridge consists of three parts usually: a 'pontic' which replaces the missing teeth, and two 'abutments' that act as anchors to keep the pontic (or false tooth) in place. 
Abutments are more like crowns connected at the sides, therefore, we charge $750* per abutment, and $488* per pontic.
Dental Implants - We provide you with a confident implant experience. The dental implant consists of two pieces; the 'abutment' which is the screw that the crown or bridge will eventually sit on, and the 'crown' is the piece that goes on about 3-6 months (depending on healing time) after the abutment placement.  We offer dental implants at a cost of $1000 per abutment!
*Crowns, Bridges, and Implant Crowns are all subject to a LAB FEE - that fee is used to cover materials needed to make the teeth/implant pieces. These lab fees do vary, but come in for a consultation and we can break the down for you.
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